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The story goes something like this...

I had to take the bus to work one fateful morning because my car wouldn't start.

As the door opened I was greeted with a huge smile; the Italian looking bus driver welcomed me aboard and introduced himself as Enzo. Not what I'd been expecting; a smiling bus driver.

It turned out that my car had a serious problem so I had to catch that same bus every morning for 2 weeks, but I didn't mind. The bus was full every day with happy people and I'm sure it was because Enzo had such an amazingly positive attitude toward his work and his life and it was infectious. It was so infectious that even after my car was repaired, I still continued on Enzo's Energy Bus so I could get my daily fix of positivity.

I got to know Enzo quite well and we often met up for coffee and it was during one of these get togethers that he told me about his real passion in life; his love of coffee and pizza. He regaled me with stories of his time in Italy. The fresh coffee; the crispy thin pizzas; the company of good friends. And as well his time spent in Australia learning about the coffee culture over there. It was then he told me his dream; to own a coffee shop but one that was different.

The more we spoke, the more he hooked me in. Enzo made me see how important it was to have a positive attitude and to have a job that you find fun. It was Enzo's dream but he was so passionate; he created such a great vision that I knew this was my destiny. "Let's do it I told him!"

That day it was born. The focus was quality coffee and fresh pizzas. It was about creating a menu that was influenced by Italian cuisine and inspired by the Australian coffee scene. It was about creating a dynamic combination of the two and combining them in a unique way whilst still paying homage to Britain by creating wonderfully delicious handmade cakes. We made a commitment; we'd make the pizza dough fresh every day. We'd make our own pasta and sauces on site because that way we'd know to the gram what goes into it them. We'd do all of this and create a space that friend's could hang out in.

But then it happened. Enzo got the call that his mother was unwell so he had to return home to care for her. He told me to take his dream forward and make him proud. The condition was that we do 4 things:
1) Put the people first
2) Build it on a foundation of positivity
3) Never compromise on our expectations
4) Have fun!

So that's just what we did and in his honour we named the coffee shop after him...
Opening Times
Monday8.30am : 5pm
Tuesday8.30am : 5pm
Wednesday8.30am : 5pm
Thursday8.30am : 7pm
Friday8.30am : 7pm
Saturday9am : 7pm
Sunday10am : 5pm
Our Product

Influenced by Italian cuisine and inspired by the Australian coffee scene; Enzo offers a dynamic combination of the two in our own unique interpretation.

Italian dark roasted coffee combined with modern Australian espresso techniques gives a new dimension to coffee as you know it. We're breaking with tradition to give you a special coffee experience.

Hand crafted Italian style food. Simple. Tasty. Fresh. We're known for our crispy thin pizzas.

But that's not to say we have forgotten our roots. Our homage to Britain lies in our delicious cakes. Every cake is baked with love and passion, using locally sourced ingredients and free range eggs to give you a taste of the best of British.

Our Commitment
We make our own pizza dough fresh every day; our own fresh pasta; our own sauces. All made on site by our own hands. That way we know exactly what goes into every dish on our menu; to the gram.

There are no artificial flavours. No preservatives. Just 100% natural ingredients lovingly crafted in our unique way.

We only use free range eggs. Happy chickens lay tasty eggs. That's why our breakfast menu is so good!

We use local vegetable merchants so not only are we buying fresh, we're helping the local economy.

As well as buying locally, we also import selected Italian produce. Italian tomatoes make the best pizza sauce; it's a fact! The best pizza dough NEEDS Italian ‘OO' flour.

We bake our cakes in our own kitchen using only the finest quality ingredients. We have a team of artisans who are always pushing the boundaries; embracing what Enzo is all about to come up with new menu ideas to tantalise your taste buds.

We are committed to excellence in everything we do. In fact, Enzo is synonymous with excellence!

Our Soul
First and foremost we're a coffee shop, but one that is different. One that offers relaxed all day dining with a modern vibe. The informal atmosphere is teamed with excellent service as our dedication to delivering “knock their socks off” service never wavers. At Enzo, we honour the connection with our guests and seek to make every minute at Enzo a special one. It's this winning combination that makes the Enzo Experience so unique.....

......all of the above, rolled up into a neat little package and served to you on the high street.

Welcome to Enzo.
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